Innovation is in our blood, we have people full of knowledge which drives innovation, innovation drives productivity and finally productivity drives organisation growth and organisation growth drives economy growth


Creativity is how to decorate plates with the same food in a new way to stand unique. Creativity comes from inventing, experimenting, growing taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun


There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. We chose only those team mates who are high in spirit. Because in the long term the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. It is the force that drives every team member


To achieve what we are looking for is not that easy. Endurance is that thing which is nobler than strength and patience. We focus on our team to build that much endurance to delivery awesome products to the customers

Our work fundamentals change the way businesses and industries operate. Our Team creates measurable value for our clients, end users and society. Talk to our business development team about working with Anaya.

Our team is dedicated toward understanding clients’ problems and then designing easier solutions that can be implemented over the web, mobile and other digital platforms.

Each team member from every department works with passion on client requirements as well as on problems to deliver every solution and project on time. Our passion is our identity among various satisfied clients.

No one can predict the future but our research team can calculate the future outcomes based on current trends going on in various industries and sectors.

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Some of the brilliant projects which we have delivered to our clients. We feel proud to be part of their initial development period where we have converted their dreams into a global presence over the internet.

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    Have a look on


    Have a look at our


    We started our development center in 2014 in Mohali, we started with developing websites and apps for customers but with the time our team got increased, we started developing products for our clients. We have grown to a team of 30 that includes 20 awesome developers, 5 in marketing support and 5 people in top management.


    With the time we started new division


    With the increased demand in the industry for 2D and 3D animation, in 2018 we started 2D-3D character development and video animation. We have been working with Vodafone, Dell and other offshore clients to cater their promotional videos.

    We are more into


    We started understanding current process and problem of client, after that our team work on the possible solutions in form of technology and propose possible solutions to the clients. We think about technology and we develop technology based platforms and solutions.

    Vision of Anaya

    We have a great


    Shape digital life of customers, employees and partners by creating value and opportunities in the business ecosystem through software and automation.

    Second vision is to contribute to the society with the help of an innovative platform bring the needy to the helper on a common platform to serve the people of our great nation india

    About us

    Anaya is a communications software provider whose business understanding and solutions based on that enable enterprises to automate their processes, digital customer communication, brands video promotions directly on the handsets to reach the customers directly and improve customer experience by reducing operational costs.



    We had developed more than 500 websites and more than 30 mobile apps to the clients based in the USA, UK and Australia mainly. We have developed Sales CRM for the company like LG which was getting used all over the AFRICA. We have been associated as software partners for companies like RSOTB LTD, The JUNK PROS, GENIE MEDIA and K3 Retail.


    Our Platforms like SMS, Email Marketing, WA Marketing, Truecaller, Bots, Movies Ticket Selling and Movies Promotion bot are doing so well in the market. We do not only provide platform for promotion but our team actually dig down into every campaign and get the best results out of it.


    Anaya is headquartered in Mohali India and with its offices in Delhi and Mumbai in the country. We have a partnership office in Leeds UK in association with RSOTB UK LTD

    always on mission to do powerful interactions with the few global clients to understand and present powerful solutions

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